Experience Groningen // Beyond the student bubble

Experience Groningen

Join hundreds of other international students, get guided through both the city and province and get taken out of your student bubble with Experience Groningen.
Experience Groningen offers a ‘behind the scenes’ perspective of Groningen as not just a student city, but a place to settle down after your studies as well.
Explore a different side to both the city and province of Groningen with activities related to sports, science, culture and business, as well as meeting local stadjers for a proper Groninger meal.

The 2016 edition of Experience Groningen took place on the 11th and 12th of March. To view the programme for the 2016 edition, have a look under ‘programme’, or scroll down this page to see a complete overview of our activities.

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News & Updates

Last year’s Experience: Solveiga

Solveiga studies International Business at the University of Groningen. She’s originally from Latvia, and took part in last year’s edition of Experience Groningen. Have a read below to see what her Experience was like – and what culinary discoveries she made!

2014-11-21 11.12.46

What was your first impression of Experience Groningen?
My first impression of Experience Groningen when I applied was very exciting, as I thought immediately that the approach and the program of the event is something unique and totally different from other events, as it focuses on international students and educated them about the „behind of scenes” of Groningen and also career possibilities! I immediately told my international friends to join the event after reading the program.

2014-11-21 15.09.17

What was your favourite activity?
My favorite activity of both days was undoubtedly the first day visiting different organizations. We went to the City Hall on the Grote Markt, talked about politics and the role of internationals, we also went to SAUS, which is a creative agency in Groningen, then we went to Het Paleis, which is a place for artists to work on their projects and we also visited Club Guy and Roni, which is a dance organization consisting of international dancers, who performed in front of us and also told us about how internationality makes them diverse and unique!

2014-11-21 18.53.47
What did you have for dinner with Meet & Eat? Did you like it?
Meet & Eat dinner was also outstanding! The family we went to made a special menu card with all the dishes, so we could even choose what to eat and what not to. The family was really nice, the whole evening we talked about Dutch culture, lifestyle and how internationals can contribute. This evening really showed me „behind of scenes” of Groningen and also taught me how to make vla flip, a famous Dutch desert. After the event, I was making this desert for a week every day at my home.

2014-11-21 19.08.14
Would you recommend Experience Groningen?
I would definitely recommend Experience Groningen to all internationals in Groningen to get to know the city, the Province and its people even better, get to know other international students, extend the network and just have fun for two days! It was undoubtedly best event I have so far attended during my stay in Groningen, thus any international should join it!

2014-11-22 14.42.40
What was the highlight of the event for you?
Highlight of the event I think for me was as I said that Friday’s activities and also Meet & Eat, because on my own I would never experience eating and getting to know local people, as my all Dutch friends are not from Groningen and live quite far away from the city. Thus, as I said earlier, join the event and you will definitely not regret it!


Do you, like Solveiga, also want to meet other international students and take a tour through Groningen? Curious about what real Dutch families eat? Want to see the inside of Groningen’s city hall? Keen to explore the province of Groningen? Have a look at our programme, or sign up!

Last year’s Experience: Fee

Fee from Germany studies International & Europen Law at the University of Groningen. She participated in Experience Groningen for the 2014 edition, so we thought we’d ask her some questions about how she experienced Experience Groningen!
What was your first impression of Experience Groningen?
My first impression of Experience Groningen was a multicultural gathering of students from a large diversity of backgrounds all wanting to gain more insight into the city and province they live in.


What was your favourite activity?
I really can’t say what my favourite activity was because the atmosphere in our group was so chill and familiar throughout the entire weekend. I really enjoyed the ice-skating at Kardinge a lot though!


What did you have for dinner for  Meet & Eat?
We had the typical Dutch stamppot and different sausages for dinner! It was really delicious and our host even decorated the table and dishes with little blue windmills and tulips. Our group actually visited our host family again a couple of months after the experience and we are still in touch, which is nice because it adds a whole new perspective to your stay abroad.


Would you recommend Experience Groningen to your friends?
I would definitely recommend Experience Groningen to anyone! No matter how long you have been in Groningen, you will get the chance to meet amazing new people from different study areas and also gain a unique insight to Groningen as the experience provides you with activities that you usually would not think of or aren’t privileged enough to participate in during your day-to-day life.

What was the highlight of Experience Groningen for you?
The highlight of the event to me was actually the introduction ceremony and getting to know my group. We all had an instant click and got on extremely well. During the introduction part in Oosterpoort there was also an actress from Jonge Harten Groningen. She really managed to move a lot of people’s emotions, especially mine, with her unique style of criticising the modern society shaped by social media and prejudice!



Do you also want to meet other international students, try some proper Dutch food with real Groningers and attempt ice-skating for yourself? Sign up for Experience Groningen now!

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The 2014 Programme Booklet

The 2014 Programme Booklet

This is the programme booklet of the 2014 edition of Experience Groningen. It explains what kind of cool and interesting things you can expect during the two days of the event!

Read the programme booklet over here!



Want to know what your days will look like with Experience Groningen? Have a look below for a outline of the programme – you will receive a personalised programme with the specific tracks after you sign up!

11 March – Experience the City

11AM – 2PM

Kick-off at cultural centre De Oosterpoort, with a Welcoming Ceremony and… a free lunch!

2 – 7PM

Tour the city in groups of 10 with our two group leaders – 2 students, who are experts on the city! You will visit a variety of locations based on two out of the four tracks (Sports, Science, Culture & Business), each one providing an interactive programme. Pick up ice-skating at Kardinge or touch the holy grass of FC Groningen. Experience VERA’s very special music atmosphere, or meet the international companies of Groningen, they’ll provide workshops for you at their home office!

7 – 9.30 PM

Dinner time is here! We’ve organized an activity  called ‘Meet & Eat’ during which you’re invited for dinner at the homes of local families in Groningen. Enjoy a hearty home-cooked meal at their homes, exchange experiences and learn about Groningen and its inhabitants!

9.30 – 11.30 PM

We’ve taken over the Groninger Forum for a variety of activities! Kick back and watch a film, or have your voice be heard during an interesting debate on refugees in Groningen.

12 March – Experience the province

12 PM – 5 PM

A bunch of buses will drive from a central location in the city to different locations to help you discover the nature and history of the province of Groningen. Visit the ‘Borgen’ of Groningen; a group of small castles famous in the province. Go back in time by visiting the medieval fortress of Bourtange. Experience the fine taste of Hooghoudt Jenever, brewed by one of the last true family business in the Netherlands. Please note we don’t offer lunch on the bus so make sure you’ve had some food before you leave!

5 PM

Arriving back in Groningen – now you have some time to chill, eat dinner, and gather your strength for the ultimate after-party!


We meet again for our awesome after-party at the Stadspark! Enjoy a show by improv comedy group Stranger Things Have Happened, followed by some of Groningen’s finest DJ talent.


Groningen has a great community of all different types of sports – check out the organisations and clubs that are participating in Experience Groningen below!


bjoeks picBjoeks likes to welcome you to the highest climbing tower in the world: Excalibur.
Want to learn how to climb or want to prepare yourself for a climbing adventure on a real mountain? Then here’s where you should go. Bjoeks provides courses for all levels.

During Experience Groningen, you’ll get a climbing introduction and start climbing in pairs. Not great with heights? Don’t worry – you’ll have a great instructor who will make sure you’re safe.

FC Groningen


Footballclub FC Groningen is a highly connected organisation within the city and province of Groningen. FC Groningen plays football at the highest level in the Dutch football league – called the Eredivisie (‘Honours division’). Matches held in Groningen are played at their home stadium: the Euroborg. This stadium can seat over 22,000 supporters! Tour the stadium and explore how football clubs make money.

Join Experience Groningen for a change to get a tour round the Euroborg stadium and explore in-depth how football clubs make money.

Groningen Gladiators

Gamedays1At Groningen Gladiators you have the opportunity to play the fastest and most awesome sport ever played, lacrosse.

We practice twice a week and have games about 10 times a year. Besides having practices, we also have all kinds of social activities, drinks, fun activities and our annual Schierkamp at Schiermonnikoog.

During Experience Groningen, the Gladiators will play two short games, guys and girls version, and there will be the possibility to try out lacrosse yourself. Come and join!



Kardinge is the largest multi-purpose sports center in the north of the Netherlands. Over half a million visitors are welcomed every year! Skating, swimming, tennis, squash and working out in the gym: everything is is possible at Kardine.

During Exprience Groningen, you will be able to try ice-skating like Dutch people do! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to skate yet – we’ll have some very capable Dutchies teaching you!

Gracie Barra

12238304_725868707515351_3790883515515387701_oGracie Barra Groningen offers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and no-gi grappling classes.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a sport similar to judo (no punching and kicking) but with more emphasis on the ground. Students at GBG train for a variety of reasons, self-defense, fitness and competition sport jiu jitsu. We have a nice and friendly group, with lots of nationalities and all classes are taught in English.

For Experience Groningen, Gracie Barra will provide you with a workshop where you will get an introduction to BJJ (brazilian jiu jitsu), cover some self defense and sport techniques. Moreover, no prior knowledge or skills are required!

Sports Science Institute Groningen

SSIGSport Science Institute Groningen is a collaboration between the University of Groningen, the University Medical Center Groningen, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the City of Groningen.
What do we do? We unite, promote and increase the visibility of sport research in the region of Groningen. We thereby develop education trajectories within sport science.

On Friday March 11th, we will provide an overview of the Sport Science Institute Groningen and a demo in sport measurement and testing.


Henk Meijer Taekwando School

The Taekwondo School Henk Meijer offers both children’s lessons and training for adults. This again is divided into beginner and advanced levels. Taekwondo is a flashy and dynamic Korean martial art that can be practiced recreationally, in competition or as pure self-defense.

Interested? They have prepared a workshop for you in their school on Friday the 11th of March!



tkbThe Knickerbockers is the largest student football club in The Netherlands with 26 teams of which 8 are women teams!

We provide every student the opportunity to play this beautiful sport no matter what your level is. We also let you experience real Dutch ‘gezelligheid’ after your match or during the wonderful parties.

During Experience Groningen, we will give you the opportunity to play some football and join us for a beer afterwards.


Want to discover the world of science in Groningen? Have a look below to see who’s participating in the science track for Experience Groningen!

Green Office

1979106_405364692978812_3548157797134426317_oGreen Office Groningen is a student-driven and staff-supported university department. It which manages, coordinates and facilitates all agreements and activities according to the university’s sustainable development. Some projects include providing vegetable bags, working on sustainable canteens at the university and many others.

During Experience Groningen, the Green Office will organize a trivia game where the sustainability knowledge of the participants will be tested. Do you think you know everything about sustainable development? Join us!


Biomarker Development Centre

The BDC focuses on biomarker verificationtech-small and validation in a multi-centric setting involving technology-oriented and clinical centers. The major disease areas are Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Diabetes Type II and Alzheimer’s Disease.

For Experience Groningen, BDC has prepared an introduction into the biomarkers as well as a tour through the laboratories.


Blaauw Observatory

B2RSdytIcAA2eMOThe Blaauw Observatory is located at Zernike. Here, astronomy students can prepare themselves for some astronomic research before they are going to experience the real deal at the Canary Islands. Whilst cycling to this place keep an eye out for a large shiny dome, because that’s the observatory!

You’ll get a guided tour and the chance to observe the nearest star to Earth, our Sun, through a solar telescope.


eriba_bigERIBA is a research Institute that addresses fundamental biological problems aimed to better understand what causes aging. They explore uncharted territory and embark on high-risk projects that can yield major breakthroughs. ERIBA provides a training platform that prepares aspiring scientists for the international field of life sciences.
For Experience Groningen, will have a guided tour through the building and get to know more about healthy aging.



expoThe Science LinX science centre is the front door to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Groningen.

It takes visitors to the heart of the Faculty, exposing them to astonishing research and real-life science. Science LinX teaches schools all about science, with its exhibitions, its travelling lab the Discovery Truck, and it’s Science Support Desk.

You will get a guided tour and be able to conduct your own experiments at our permanent exhibition with its interactive exhibits, games, installations, and visualizations and experience for yourself how fun, exciting and surprising scientific research can be.


Arctic Centre

20070805 053The Arctic Centre is an interdisciplinary research group studying human-environment relations in the fast-changing Arctic, covering topics in archaeology, biology, history, pollution, management, climate change and sustainability.
The Arctic Centre is doing field work in polar areas, teaches students in Bachelor and Master courses and gives advice to the government and NGO’s about the state of the Arctic.

During Experience Groningen, you are going to play a game about stakeholders in the Arctic and their interaction with the environment.



SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research is the national institute for space research, located in Utrecht and Groningen. SRON develops novel technologies to apply in our space cameras, to discover and understand new phenomena in space. The cameras are launched onboard ESA and NASA scientific  satellites.

To realize this we need people with good physics and engineering understanding having the wish to use this knowledge to build the nearly impossible. Instruments as complex as space cameras can only be built by a devoted team, hence your team player skills are wanted too.
During the visit on Friday the 11th of March, the track record, future missions and the way of working at SRON will be explained. A tour will show you the camera technology being developed in our research labs.


Explore Groningen’s varied and rich cultural life – have a look below to see who’s joining the programme on Friday the 11th of March!


City Hall

Stadhuis Gemeente Groningen © Henk TammensThe ‘stadhuis’ (city hall) of Groningen is the local centre of democracy. Here the city council meets and the mayor and the aldermen reside.
It’s a beautiful neoclassical building, which was designed by an architect from Amsterdam after winning a public contest organized by the city council in 1775.

One of five residing aldermen will welcome you for a tour and you’ll get a taste of the impressive art collection!


Max Tauran

Max Tauran (60) is a city guide. But not just like any city guide: during this inspiring walk he will take you to his favorite places and spots that bear his very special personal story.
Just dare to ask and you will never look at the city again as you did before.


Copy of Shantel highres-2Vera is the Club for the International Pop Underground. Legendary bands like U2, Nirvana and the White Stripes have played at VERA.
Every week they host concerts, a movie night on Tuesdays and free downstage concerts and dance nights on Saturdays. VERA has a strong line-up combining young, exciting artists and strong, established artists.

On Friday the 11th of March, VERA will give you a guided tour to let you experience that special atmosphere yourself!


Groninger Museum

by Ralph RichterLocated on the water, the Groninger Museum is the city’s museum of contemporary and modern art. You’ll recognise it straight away when you get out of the station – the postmodern architecture with its bright colours are a real eye catcher. Last year they got over 200,000 visitors!
For Experience Groningen, the museums’ GM-Insiders will show you that art does not have to be boring or difficult, by organizing interesting and inspiring activities.



Theatre Company NNT

The Theatre Company NNT (which stands for Noord Nederlands Toneel; Northern Dutch Theatre) led since 2009 by Ola Mafaalani, is nearing its 25th anniversary.
For Experience Groningen, they’re offering a drama workshop entitled ‘The Power of Playfulness’.
Are you ready for a challenge? Always wanted to freely use your body & voice Making theatre is all about working together and using your imagination!
In this theatre workshop trainer Eva Pantelakis will kindly trigger your playful and creative self.
By teaching you new skills and getting you out of your warm & cosy comfort zone 😉 Expect a lot of fun, and if you feel challenged reading this; give it a try!

Groningen Synagoge

GRONINGEN / 11-10-2012 / De Synagoge in de Folkingestraat. Panoramafoto 180 graden beeld  / Foto: Omke Oudeman

In the Groningen synagogue you will find yourself surrounded by an oriental atmosphere, in the middle of the former jewish area of the city.

The building, that dates back to the year 1906, is still used as a ‘shul’. It also provided space for exhibitions, concerts and other events.
Join Experience Groningen and learn all about the synagogue’s history , the Folkigestraat’s rich heritage and the beautiful architecture that’s over 100 years old!


Groningen Forum


The following businesses are opening their doors and joining the Experience Groningen programme on the 11th of March, to give you a tour and show you what they can offer!


IBM likes to welcome you to their Services Center Groningen, a wholly owned subsidiary of IBM. In a dynamic work environment they deliver high- value technical services to clients. The Center offers a unique experience for talented and ambitious individuals who are keen to build their skills fast and have a passion for IT. During your time spent at IBM you will get to see the building, working environment, culture, projects and also you will get in touch with alumni students who are currently working at IBM Services Center Groningen.


GasTerra B.V. is an international company trading in natural gas. It operates on the European energy market and has a significant share in the Dutch gas supply. The company also provides services related to gas trading. GasTerra has a strong purchasing position and fifty years of experience in natural gas procurement and sales. The company  promotes the safe and efficient use of natural gas and is active in the development of innovative gas applications

Watertoren_groot-zonder-raamstickersHouse of Design

During the workshop House of Design will introduce you to the company and its projects. Products of the designers can be found through the complete tower. Enjoy the view over Groningen and, together with the designer Jauke van den Brink, we will introduce you to “3D thinking”.


Launch-Cafe-teamLaunch Cafe

What is it like to be an entrepreneur? How do you transform your idea into a real business? We help start-ups since 2005 and today we will give you some insights and handy tricks about starting up a new business. Entrepreneurship is not about writing boring business plans. It’s all about execution and improving your idea. In this workshop we offer you a framework that you can use to validate and improve your idea into a business.


Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen is the somewhat curious combination of a cutting-edge international art festival and a large-scale summer fest for 135,000 visitors. The heart of the festival is the idyllic Noorderplantsoen (a city park) where, for eleven summer days, a freely accessible festival village appears almost out of nowhere to provide a setting for theatre, dance, music, literature and visual art in combination with eating, drinking and social encounters.
Noorderzon organizes a workshop where Mark Yeoman will tell you all about the use and necessity of international networks. Mark Yeoman is the creative director of Noorderzon. Noorderzon is partner of two European networks, the NXTSTP and Create to Connect.

What can you expect?

The programme booklet of the previous edition shows what you can expect from Experience Groningen!

Curious? Sign up here!

Download Experience Groningen Programme Booklet (PDF, 11 MB)

Word ‘Meet&Eat’ host!

Wegens de vele enthousiaste aanmeldingen zijn wij op dit moment niet meer op zoek naar stadjers voor Meet & Eat!

Met onderstaand formulier kunt u zich alsnog opmelden als reserve – mochten er nog meer Meet & Eat hosts nodig zijn, dan nemen wij contact op!
De Meet&Eat wordt gehouden op vrijdagavond 11 maart en duurt van 19.00 t/m 21.30 uur.


As a group leader you will guide 10 international students through the city of Groningen on Friday the 11th of March. (You can also guide a group together with a friend)

Preferably, you would need to be available both days of the event: Friday March 11th and Saturday March 12th. Do let us know if you cannot attend the Saturday, as it’s not a huge dealbreaker!

Get some work experience and build your C.V. by working for an event organized by the Municipality and Province of Groningen. Sign up to be a part of it all!


If you have any questions, please send an email to volunteers@experiencegroningen.com!


We proudly present our partners that are included in the programme on Friday the 21st of November. Some additions will follow soon.

Marlene Bakker

Marlene Bakker

She is a striking appearance in the Groninger circuit blessed with a beautiful voice. She sings songs in the Groninger dialect from amongst others Adele and Tina Dico. Marlene is beloved in the Groninger circuit and has a unique place in the Dutch music scene.

VVV (Tourist Office)

VVV (Tourist Office)

In the middle of the Market Square , in the center of the city, the Tourist Board of the City of Groningen is located. The staff will inform you about all the possibilities in the city, the province and the rest of the Netherlands .



Bjoeks likes to welcome you to the highest climbing tower in the world: Excalibur. Want to learn how to climb or want to prepare yourself for a climbing adventure on a real mountain? Then here’s where you should go. Bjoeks provides courses to all levels. Today you’ll get a climbing introduction and start climbing in pairs. Don’t worry you’ll instructor makes sure you’re safe.

Chess Club GC1

Chess Club GC1

Chess Club GC1 (groninger combinatie 1) challenges you today to play some bughouse! This is a fun type of chess played in teams. Or beat the chess master in a race against the clock! Did you know GC1 were Dutch champions in 2007? They are in search of some new chess talents but if you just love playing chess you’re welcome too!




PIT is a creative agency, which consists of four people. Together they create visual communication. In a flexible space within their office, called ‚De Voortuin’, they accommodate people with interesting initiatives. This varies from an exposition for graduates of the art academy to a brainstorm session to come up with innovative ideas for the city Groningen. Did you know that they are the mastermind behind our teaser movie?



The Fietsersbond is the Dutch Cyclists’ Union that campaigns for better cycling conditions in The Netherlands. They also provide cyclists with information about everything they want to know about cycling. Check out their website for their cool bike route planner! Today you can practice your cycling on a traffic free market square and get an answer to all your questions about cycling in Groningen!





The Centre of Visual Ars in Groningen (CBK Groningen) promotes the sale of visual art. The Centre organizes exhibitions, runs an art library with more than 15.000 works, monitors monumental commissions, provides documentation about artists in Groningen and supplies information about visual arts. CBK will tour you along art work on the streets which are typical for the city of Groningen.



The ‘stadhuis’ (town-hall) of Groningen is the local centre of democracy. Here the city council meets and the mayor and the alderman reside. It’s a beautiful neoclassical building, which was designed by an architect from Amsterdam after winning a public contest organized by the city council in 1775. One of the five residing alderman will welcome you for a tour and you’ll get a taste of the impressive art collection!

University Museum

University Museum

In the University Museum a multi-faceted collection of the University of Groningen is on display. Nature, culture and science come together in this museum that is located in the city centre since 1934. There are a variety of pieces from the 400-year old heritage of the University of Groningen. You’ll get a hands on tour of the University Museum and get a chance to look through the different exhibits.



The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) is the second largest hospital in the Netherlands. Every day, some 18,000 staff, students, patients and visitors attend the UMCG. To help ensure that the additional years of life are spent in good health, the UMCG focuses on Healthy Ageing. You’ll get an introduction to healthy aging with an interactive workshop/debate about what healthy aging means and its importance.



ERIBA is a research Institute that addresses fundamental biological problems aimed to better understand what causes ageing. They explore uncharted territory and embark on high-risk projects that can yield major breakthroughs. ERIBA provides a training platform that prepares aspiring scientists for the international field of life sciences. You’ll tour the building and their laboratories!



Lifelines started in 2006 with an extensive screening of populations amongst 165.000 inhabitants of northern Netherlands. Participants from three generations are being followed for at least 30 years to gain insights in how people can age healthily and what factors are of importance by existence and progress of chronic diseases. There will be a tour of one of their pharmaceutical labs with a workshop.

Blaauw Observatory

Blaauw Observatory

The Blaauw Observatory is located at Zernike. Here astronomy students can prepare themselves for some astronomic research before they are going to experience the real deal at the Canary Islands. Whilst cycling to this place keep an eye out for a large shiny dome, because that’s the observatory! You’ll get a guided tour and the chance to observe Groningen yourself through a telescope.



SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research is the national agency for space research. Since the launch of Sputnik in 1957, Dutch astronomers have seen the added value of space missions for science. SRON develops satellite instruments for astrophysical and earth-oriented research for amongst others: NASA. They have two laboratories in The Netherlands, namely Utrecht and Groningen. Visit them this afternoon to see their current projects!

Het Paleis

Het Paleis

Het Paleis (The Palace) is a creative meeting place close to the city centre. It seems that everything has gathered here in this building: meeting rooms, a design hotel, over fifty artists and ateliers, design studio’s, creative companies, work spaces, apartments and tavern. This afternoon you will tour it all and visit the ateliers! The artists will be there to answer all your questions.

Launch Cafe

Launch Cafe

Launch Cafe is a start-up hotspot in the city centre of Groningen. They provide you with everything you need to develop your idea into a serious business. That varies from a co-working desk to fresh coffee and a network of 100 likeminded entrepreneurs. This afternoon you’ll get answers to questions such as what’s it like to be an entrepreneur and how to transform your idea into a real business.




Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen is the somewhat curious combination of a cutting-edge international art festival and a large-scale summer fest for 135,000 visitors. In 2015, Noorderzon takes place from August 20 until August 30. Noorderzon organizes a workshop where Mark Yeoman their creative director will tell you all about the use and necessity of international networks.

House of Design

House of Design

House of Design is a platform for professional designers. All designers are connected to different questions within society. Their goal is to set up projects around these issues. You can think of projects concerning education, sustainability and crafts. House of Design is a match maker between designers, industries, companies, institutes and government. During the workshop you’ll be introduced to their projects and you’ll learn how to think 3D. Enjoy the views!

Groningen Seaports

Groningen Seaports

The Eemsdelta is the most important green seaport and industrial region of the northern Netherlands. They work together with the corporate sector and knowledge institutes, which enables them to meet their demand for know-how, technology and manpower.

Visit Groningen Seaports website

Groningen Giants

Groningen Giants

The Groningen Giants are the only American Football club in the northern Netherlands. They compete in Tackle (18+) and Flag (18+) all over the Netherlands. Interested in playing a ‘physical’ sport? Find out what the Groninger Giants are all about!

Advisory board

ESN Groningen

ESN Groningen

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) organizes a wide range of activities, including cultural events, social events, educative programs and charitable events. In addition to that, ESN provides internationals with a mentor system which links international students to a mentor. These mentors can help the international students when they arrive in Groningen and provide support for academic and practical integration.



GroningenLife! is the number one online and offline campaign for prospective students. The students of GroningenLife! will tell you all about student life in Groningen. Whether it’s about finding a room, the craziest parties, the most exciting sports, or becoming a member of one of the many student associations: they’ll explain why Groningen is the place to be.
Logo + link = www.groningenlife.com



Alas is a student association that helps students from all over Latina America integrate and adapt to the city of Groningen. Alas also welcomes everyone that is interested in learning more about Latin America, its culture, language and diversity. They organize fun activities such as dinners, movie nights and parties year around.



The Studentenvereniging voor Internationale Betrekkingen (SIB) is an international student association affiliated with the United Nations. With over 300 members, SIB is open to both Dutch and international students.

SIB strives to maintain a balance between intellectual and fun activities; on Monday nights SIB organizes lectures that are open to everyone followed by a few drinks, or as we like to call it in Dutch: a “Borrel”.

Visit SIB website



IFSMA-Groningen is a medical student’s association with an international character. IFSMA organizes international internships, health projects, workshops, lectures and courses. The association has 15 committees. IFSMA-Groningen wants to contribute to local and global health and education and gives you the opportunity to broaden your development.

Visit IFSMA Website



The European International Model United Nations (TEIMUN) organizes annual conferences in summer and spring on the working of the United Nations. TEIMUN represents young, ambitious visionaries from all over the globe who can find new paths and new solutions to overcome the contrary international ideals and national interests. Meet students from all over the world and gain social experience in an academically atmosphere.


What are the important dates?
Experience Groningen takes place on the 11th and 12th of March, on Friday and Saturday. On the first day you will have the chance to explore the city with an all-day programme, finishing with an evening programme which includes dinner at a local stadjer‘s home. On the second day, we’ll take you on a tour through the province. This day starts in the afternoon and ends before dinner time. We’ll meet again in the  evening at the Stadspark for the closing party!

Where does the event take place?
The event takes place all over Groningen! So you will explore a lot of new things in the city and province. Don’t worry about finding the different locations – that’s what our friendly group leaders are for.

Do I need a bike?
Yes, you will need a bike. The programme is spread throughout the city, so to get around everywhere, having one is a must. Ask your friends and housemates if you can borrow theirs, or send us a message if you really can’t hold of one!

Do I need to be there on both days?
You pay for the 2 entire days, so we hope you will join us for both of them! It would also be such a let down to the family that is welcoming you into their home for dinner on the Friday night if you would be a no-show – so if you cannot attend this, please let us know ASAP!
If you cannot attend the opening ceremony, where you will receive your bracelet for the two days, please get in touch with your group leader!

What does my ticket include?
As well as an awesome two-day programme, your ticket includes lunch and dinner on the Friday, a goodie bag, bus transport through the province on the Saturday and an awesome closing party!  A bargain for just €12!

I’m an international but did not arrive this semester. Can I still participate?
Yes! Experience Groningen is for all international students who want to explore the city and province beyond the student bubble.

Can I be placed in the same group as my friend? Or can I change groups?
Once the groups have been formed and you have been placed in a group, it is not possible to swap or change due to limited capacity at our venues. Our aim is to get mixed groups with internationals from all over the world. Don’t forget that we will also all meet up as one group several times. You’ll have plenty of time to catch up!

Do I need an ESN card to participate?
No, you don’t!

If you have any further questions, feel free to drop us a line via Facebook or Twitter!


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